Uganda is small-minded while Kenya and Rwanda think big... Size matters - 8 months ago, 13 June 11:26

By: Joachim Buwembo

Kenyans like big things.

Old East Africans who remember the ideological rivalry between Kenya and Tanzania must have heard this bar joke: A Kenyan elder and a Tanzanian teacher meet in the gents during a conference break, where the Kenyan asks if he could see, you know, a certain part of the Tanzanian’s anatomy.

In the spirit of Ujamaa, the Tanzanian teacher showed him what he wanted to see and in turn asked to see the Kenyan’s instrument of reproduction. But the Kenyan elder laughed dismissively and said, “You think I don’t know you, you teacher, that whenever you see a big thing you want to nationalise it?”

In friendly banter, Kenyans used to tell the joke to taunt Tanzanians and make the point that, under capitalism, all their things were bigger. In some respects things are still very much the same.

Just see the scale at which Nairobi charged the ...
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