The deeper truth about why 1 million Nakuru wedding was called off by Apostle Karanja - 3 months ago, 9 Nov 12:21

By: Geoffrey Mbuthia

This past weekend Kenyans went crazy with the weddings and it seemed like everyone you knew was getting married. But for Joyce Waithera, a banker and her fiance’ Paul Waithaka that was not to be as their 1 million shilling wedding did not take place.

Early reports indicated that the officiating pastor had refused to hold wedding because of some issues he had. According to a source who is a close family member and who spoke to the Nairobian, the couple had not submitted medical reports as required by Apostle Jesse Karanja.

The source said:

The couple were putting the final touches to their wedding plans the whole of Friday and were late for a clinic appointment at a facility which closed by 8 a.m. They had to postpone the appointment to the following morning on Saturday-their wedding day- before the church service.

The couple then went ahead to have the tests done ...
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