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BORING MOI DAY: Though he enjoyed celebrating the reinstated Moi Day public holiday on October 10, Dave Tumbula says it was one of his most boring ever for the lack of any official events. “Though there were some unforgivable excesses by officials during the long reign some now derisively refer to as the ‘Nyayo Error’, he did some good things also.” For David, the most outstanding feats of former President Daniel arap Moi, who ruled the country for 24 years, was the expansion of university education, including building Moi University from scratch.


FRUGAL MELANIA: The recent tour of Africa, Kenya included, by US First Lady Melania Trump meant to promote education and health services was spot on, remarks Misheck Wambui. But what fascinated Misheck, besides her colourful sartorial taste, was that she arrived without a bloated entourage, a sharp contrast to African leaders who, when on a foreign trip, tug along ...
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How African culture is evolving with climate change

Culture, being a way of life in Africa, has borne the brunt of climate change. African customs and social practices, including medicine and religion, have been affected by climate change in the same ...

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How renewable energy can lower power cost

A year ago, one or two months of dry weather meant an automatic switch from hydro power to expensive diesel-generated electricity. This year is different. The country is calmly awaiting the onset of ...

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Stop putting up statues of Haile Selassie and end the wholesale looting of Africa’s people

There was an event and a resolution at the just-concluded AU Heads of State and Government Summit in Addis Ababa that caught my attention. The resolution was on the migrant crisis. Although it failed ...

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Mind the Gap: Notes on Neoliberalism and Africa in the new world disorder.

It is virtually impossible these days to have a discourse on public affairs, without a ritual flogging of neoliberalism. Neoliberalism, writes Daniel Rogers (Dissent Magazine, Winter 2018) “is the ...

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Africa’s Beautyful Ones Were Born in the ’80s, Old Men, Black and White, Have Never Been More Afraid

From Khartoum to Kampala, from Ougadougou to Lusaka, the revolt of Africa’s youth against the ageing strongmen of the liberation era is reconfiguring society in unprecedented ways. At the core of the ...

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Let's tap the wealth in solid waste

Ofafa Jericho, one of the oldest estates in Nairobi, is fast becoming a showcase for what the concept of circular economy means to humanity. Yet it is not one of those places where you would expect ...

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