No one should disrupt Mau Forest evictions - 7 months ago, 12 July 00:49

By: Editorial

A fresh initiative to restore the Mau Forest complex comes with serious political implications, but must be actualised in whichever way.

Over the years, parts of the forest, like others elsewhere, have either been excised and allocated to individuals or opened up for occupation by illegal squatters, all to serve selfish political interests but with consequent environmental degradation.

Now, the government has ordered the eviction of illegal squatters from the forest following a recent report by a task force commissioned by Environment Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko, which recommended the recovery and restoration of all natural forests to avert natural calamities associated with degradation of the ecosystems.

Further, the government has enforced a ban on logging, which has become the singular cause of depletion of forests.

So far, we are encouraged that the government is acting on the recommendations and has begun the evictions, which it says will ...
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