Munyes fights spy team role in mapping of gold - 3 months ago, 8 Nov 17:44

By: Lynet Igadwah

Mining Cabinet Secretary John Munyes has opposed the use of National Intelligence Service (NIS) in managing the Sh7 billion survey of Kenya’s mineral wealth.

Mr Munyes told Parliament on Thursday investors interested in the mineral data would question a survey coordinated by intelligence officers and not experts.

Kenya is seeking to determine the quantity of its underground minerals to guide investors seeking to explore mineral wealth.

“It’s a pity if the NIS is left to coordinate the project instead of the Ministry Petroleum and Mining,” said Mr Munyes.

“But now, what happens to the end results? We have to do it together because they need the ministry to certify that the data is credible.”

Parliament had earlier approved a Sh500 million budget for the spy agency to participate in the year-long airborne survey.

Mr Munyes said the Interior ministry, which houses the NIS, has since acquired equipment for the survey that was initially set to start ...
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