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By: Nairobi Wife

I have been having serious arguments with colleagues and friends on the priorities people should have in life.

The age-old philosophy that one should never buy and park a car at a rental house was one of the main topics that was a bone of contention.

“I have a friend who fell into some money some time back. Can you imagine that he went out and bought an apartment for Sh8 million,” the conversation started.

“Ati an apartment?! With Sh8 million, you can buy a good piece of land in Ruiru, build a good three-bedroom house for Sh4 million then you buy a nice car and have some money left over,”another would chime in.

I listened quietly to the deliberations and gave my take on the matter.

“At least your friend bought an apartment. It’s somewhere he can call home. I would have bought a Toyota Landcruiser V8,” I said.

Today, a few hours before penning ...
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