Lots of money, a large grid, and you’re ready to go nuclear - 4 months ago, 12 Oct 12:01

By: Africa Renewal

Years back, nuclear energy was a fancy option limited to the industrialised world. In due course, nuclear could be an energy source for much of Africa, where only South Africa currently has a nuclear power plant.

Governments across the continent are devising development policies to become middle-income countries in the medium term. Socioeconomic growth comes with a rise in energy demand — and a need for a reliable and sustainable energy supply.

For industrialising countries in need of a clean, reliable and cost-effective source of energy, nuclear is an attractive option.

“Africa is hungry for energy, and nuclear power could be part of the answer for an increasing number of countries,” said Mikhail Chudakov, deputy director general and head of the Department of Nuclear Energy at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an organisation that promotes the peaceful use of nuclear technology.

Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria and Sudan have already engaged with ...
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