Ladies: So what if the man you loved chose another woman? - Nairobi News - 10 months ago, 2 June 07:51

Maggie Shiks

I shouldn’t even be writing about this, but it’s driving me crazy. I think nuts describes it much better. But on a serious note, men think they can walk into our lives and walk out as they please. It’s really annoying!

With that in mind, and anger aside, here is my story.

Sigh! I was dating this guy who was also dating another girl. For your information, I wasn’t aware of it because every time we were together we would have these pillow talks; “you know what I mean,” he would say of how we so have much in common, how nothing or no one would come in between us, how much he enjoyed my company.

He would actually tease me and we would end up running around his house and eventually get down to grown up business. A stone’s throw away ahead I could actually see ‘Canaan’ and I resisted everything and anyone who ...
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