Good, bad and 'ugali’: The 13 types of uncles in every Kenyan family - 8 months ago, 23 June 09:26

By: David Odongo

Uncles. Every family has them. They are the ones who take you to ruracio for bride price negotiations after narrowing down a suitable nagger and bed mate.

The uncles on the paternal side of the family are normally harsh, prominent, domineering, omnipresent and decide on which spot of ancestral land you will be buried.

 Paternal uncles are loud, have endless stories about the family tree both fact and fiction and carries the bulk of family misfits who have splashed from the shallow end of the genetic pool.

The uncles on the maternal side are retiring, fatherly, most out of the picture unless a niece has been chased by a husband who had not paid bride price and has come demanding her back. Unless when they make wazees from the paternal side sweat during bride price haggles, uncles from the maternal side are not usually loud mouths and carry fewer family misfits.

While there is ...
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