FAMILY: Sorry ladies, Gathoni wa Muchomba is right; polygamy is an African 'thing' - Nairobi News - 12 months ago, 15 Apr 08:00

Maggie Shiks

I don’t want to be the one casting this last stone at Gathoni wa Muchomba’s sentiments about polygamy because trust me most of you have already done that from the reactive comments I was following online, but one thing I have learnt from the whole roundup is that the boy child is very lucky.

I remember just the other day I was actually admiring and thinking about this creature we call ‘man’.

Ladies, have you ever wondered how it would feel to ‘pee’ while standing and doing it literally anywhere? How it would feel going around without bra’s (ooh!! bras drive me crazy)?

Have you ever fantasized about the ‘burden’ of having sex being just ‘coming’, without worrying afterwards if you’ll miss your next period or wear panty liners because the sperms are actually flowing out?

Don’t get me wrong ladies. I love being a woman and the whole campaign about women empowerment is ...
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