DAD STORIES: I want my sons to be proud of me - 8 months ago, 14 June 15:30

By: Margaret Maina

For Heglon Kitawi, his three sons are his pride and joy, and blessings in his life.

Lukundo, 11, Kiama, 8, and Tito, 15 months have taught him a lot about fatherhood and given him a wholesome experience.

Before his oldest son was born, he new fatherhood was a huge responsibility so he and his wife Njambi decided to plan and prepare for parenthood, and even attended parenting classes.

“For me, the birth of my Lukundo was greeted with mixed emotions. I was well prepared and I knew we were having a son; and I was thrilled. Parenthood was not that abrupt. We had planned for our baby. I worked and cooperated with my wife as I wanted to be fully involved,” He says

Although his wife had to undergo a caesarean procedure, Heglon was there to give her emotional support.

“When I look at my children I feel honoured…I ...
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