City Girl: Shame how principals can humiliate students - Nairobi News - 9 months ago, 7 July 14:17

Njoki Chege

Matthew Kibet just wanted to learn.

The form two student at Kapenguria Boys Secondary is an iconic example of tenacity and grit. In spite being unable to raise school fees and perpetually being sent home, the boy persisted and faithfully went to class.

This week was one of those many times he returned to school yet again without school fees, having stayed home for a month. He found his desk was among those that had been returned to the store, a clear indication he was no longer welcome to the school.

When it became apparent he had nowhere to sit, the boy picked up his belongings and left Kapenguria Boys — and school — for good.


However, that moment of hopelessness, that final act of desperation, is probably what saved Kibet’s education, and future, because as he was leaving the school, onlookers filmed him and interrogated him.

In the widely-shared video, he is ...
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