BLOG: The huge misconception that is 'Janet Mbuguatization' of women - Nairobi News - 7 months ago, 11 Aug 09:16

Leyla Ismaily

I need to start by saying this article has nothing to do with Janet Mbugua, the renowned media personality, but the women who aspire to become like her.

She has built a name for herself in this town based on hard work and talent. Additionally, she also shares aspects of her personal life with the public via social media, portraying a picture of a perfect life with her perfect successful husband and very cute child.

What women in Nairobi have tragically failed to understand is that she has worked very hard for everything that her life is.

I choose to believe she is assertive when it comes to her professional life when she needs to be, but when she gets home she is submissive to her husband.

This is where Nairobi women go wrong, this huge misconception that being submissive to your man means being his slave.

Being submissive is important to the success of ...
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