BLOG: Ladies, quit playing 'hard to get', men no longer find it sexy - Nairobi News - 12 months ago, 7 Apr 08:00

Jo Huge

Females and males, two beings that are running the world. Both think they deserve and need to be treated better. It is a beautiful thing to feel that you are deserving, walking around the world looking at people like “Naaah, I can do better.”

Well, woe unto you Mr/Ms hard to get, I’m about to educate you. Hate me if you like, but your life will put me on speed dial. Today I dish it out to the women.

Dear ladies, you know how you play hard to get, trying to put a challenge to the man just to get him on his toes. You walk around feeling like a queen wondering why you don’t have a king.

While convincing yourself you cannot settle for less because you have worked your ass off and now they need to earn you!

Honey, cut the crap, you are not a pay cheque and I will tell ...
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