9 Signs Your Ex Might Want To Get Back With You - ZUMI - 8 months ago, 14 June 10:05

By: Vanessa Waithira

It feels like someone literally put their hand in your heart and twisted it. But there are a few times where based on the circumstances your ex and you broke up you may get back. Your ex may want to get back with you probably because you have spent time apart and they now miss you or maybe because they realize that you’re truly the one for them. All in all if you’re reading this you might want to get back with your ex or perhaps you’d like to clarify your relationship status with him.

An ex is someone who is meant to stay out of your life for good. This means that if he tries to keep in touch then he definitely wants to stay in your life for a reason but you have to know if the reason he wants to stay is because of sex or because he ...
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