8 Steps On How To Be A YouTube Star, Like Nancy Mwai, Miss Mandi or Joanna Kinuthia - ZUMI - 3 months ago, 9 Nov 14:42

By: Zumi

There are youtube stars growing every day and if you want to follow in the footsteps of our own homegrown Kenyan YouTubers like Nancy Mwai, Miss Mandi, Joanna Kinuthia and more like them, then the following eight steps will lead you in the right direction.

These are:

The content you create has to be something you are passionate about so that from it you find purpose and fulfillment because essentially YouTube is the tool that helps you express that. The fulfillment you get from the videos you put out is what will lead you to be consistent, invest in being creative in the posts you put out. Passion will lead you to willingly explore and experience new ideas.

If you start with the intent to just earn, you will soon quit when the money doesn’t roll in as frequently. Instead, you should learn to be purposeful about your content and in turn, you will ...
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