Are feminists upset with Meghan Markle? - 6 days ago, 11:53

By: Dragana Stepic Dra ...

Meghan Markle is known as one of the most controversial royal family member in the modern age. Unlike most of the other royal family members, who are a little more reserved, Meghan is very vocal and she does whatever she pleases. Before marrying Prince Harry, Meghan has advocated for women’s rights and education, and she mentioned several times that she is a feminist. However, her work managed to make some feminists mad at her.

Meghan Markle continued working with women when she became a member of the royal family, like her work with the women of The HUBB Community Kitchen. However, some feminists aren’t happy with Meghan’s life choices. Laura Clancy and Hannah Yelin wrote in their book, Meghan’s Manifesto: Meghan Markle and the Co-option of Feminism, ‘’While the monarchy appears to be celebrating her diversity and modernizing influence, then, this is only permitted within prescribed boundaries. ...
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