We must curb identity theft crisis or face the consequences of our inaction - 6 days ago, 12:25

By: Bitange Ndemo

The unmasking of the rot at the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) reveals new, shocking crimes that were hitherto unknown to many Kenyans.

The heightened security situation in Kenya provides opportunity for criminals to harvest data from unsuspecting citizens to use for these emerging crimes.

We must change strategy on security to defeat the menace.

Personal data has more value today than ever before. Hence the insatiable need for the resource in virtually every online transaction, conferences and in several establishments for security purposes.

Demand for personal data makes the entire security systems vulnerable to manipulation.

In many establishments, you are asked to leave such data as your identity number or the physical card, phone number, e-mail address, place of work and all manner of other data without knowing the purpose. Sometimes, you are asked to provide your picture.

Often, you may not be aware that someone has stolen your identity and used it to ...
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