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DROPPED OFFICERS: Of the 15 Principal Secretaries President Uhuru Kenyatta recently sacked after being sidelined for several months, Githuku Mungai says he empathises mostly with Irungu Nyakera, a “young and well-educated man who had been poached from a bank for the job”. He wonders whether the man actually blundered by agreeing to take up the civil service job. He just cannot understand how a man who had shone in the private sector could have flopped so spectacularly in the government job. His contact is [email protected]


GOING TRIBAL ON GRAFT: Even as most Kenyans relish the renewed campaign against the runaway corruption, especially in the public sector, Kennedy Butiko is rather disappointed that “some people are retreating into their tribal cocoons”. The tendency by some Kenyans to support “our own” when under the spotlight one Kennedy finds disgusting. President Uhuru Kenyatta, he adds, “should draw comfort from the fact ...
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It's a pity we expect a lot from children but do little as adults

I feel I must warn you: Your child has legal duties and responsibilities even if they are only a day old! If we are to comply with this law, then the government should consider bundling relevant ...

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1 day ago, 19:00
Survey of Kenya needs to be saved from destructive mode

In earlier years, Survey of Kenya, Kenya’s national mapping agency, was glamorous and prestigious. Located in the serene Ruaraka greens, many mistook it for a state parastatal. It was clean and well ...

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Celebrate youth who stick to the straight, narrow

Being young is electrifying and aptly so! Since youth comes once in a lifetime, to live and experience it fully is an obligation. Globally, there are four words that characterise this season — young, ...

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1 day ago, 16:43
To grow, Africa must allocate more resources to health

It may have been a rather quiet segment of the big meetings that took place in Addis Ababa last week. But the Africa Leadership Meeting that was held to discuss viable means of Investing in Health ...

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1 day ago, 15:05
Four lessons from the publication of the County Gross Product

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) published a report containing estimates of the output from individual counties in Kenya. The Gross County Product (GCP) 2019 report measures the size of ...

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Who’d be a woman politician? Shattering glass ceilings is not for the faint of heart

Student politics in our universities is a replica of our national politics. When it comes to heavy debates, the competitive candidates are printing hundreds of fliers, forming voting blocs (causing ...

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