SLEEP ON IT: His or her side of the bed? - Nairobi News - 10 Mar 2018 09:00

Maggie Shiks

When I first heard this bedroom/relationship complains from a friend, I thought it was rather silly and dramatic, until I started becoming conscious of them with my boyfriend. I constantly started choosing sides and bringing conversations about certain issues couples fight about, not because I really wanted to but I was curious if he would be defensive and bring his masculinity side in such matters. I know you will say I’m dramatic and yes you are right, he actually says I’m extra. Truth be told, people living together or couples generally have arguments all the time over silly issues, like who should change paper rolls after using last, when he likes it clean shaven and you don’t, leaving the lights on, toothpaste squeezing issue and many others. Hahahha! I just remembered yesterday we were bonding with my boyfriend over the sink brushing our teeth; we have this leave-my-toothbrush-at-his-and-he-leave-a-toothbrush-at-mine relationship. As ...
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