Police shooting ‘criminals’ dead imprudent way to reduce crime - 9 months ago, 27 Maý 23:01

By: Kaltum Guyo

When his victory was nullified last year, President Uhuru Kenyatta did not — rightfully — hold back in his offensive towards the Judiciary, which, too, had its right to stay firm.

The tension between the Executive and the Judiciary would be laid bare by Miguna Miguna’s case when court orders were flouted left, right and centre by the Executive. This kind of tension is created when one arm of the government tries to depart from the rule of separation of powers.

Nonetheless, such belligerents would have a chance to challenge the status quo by going back to Parliament for amendments to the law or appeal and counter-appeal.

The separation of powers as fought over by the Executive and the Judiciary is not visible in other areas of governance, however, such as the criminal justice system.

Take, for example, the police, who have clearly usurped the powers of the Judiciary in passing the ‘death ...
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