New KCC factory closure hits Nyeri dairy farmers - 7 months ago, 11 July 10:05

By: Nicholas Komu

The New KCC milk plant in Kiganjo, Nyeri County has halted operations after a power transformer caught fire Monday evening.

The creamery's board chair, Matu Wamae, said the factory had stopped receiving milk from farmers in the area after the plant was plunged into darkness.

“We are very devastated by the damage. The factory has had to put on hold its operations because there is no power. We cannot work without power,” Mr Matu said.

Firefighters then managed to contain it a few minutes past 5 p.m. but the damage was done.

The factory receives about 60,000 litres of milk per day for processing.

The cause of the fire was not immediately established but after further analysis, Kenya Power #ticker:KPLC concluded that a worn out faulty terminal cable likely caused the blaze.

Kenya Power said that although the 630kva transformer is still functional, it was damaged and will have to be replaced.

“The transformer is still ...
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