Mountaineer Naigzy Gebremedhin climbs Mt Kenya to honour Matiba - 6 months ago, 10 Aug 14:15

By: Nicholas Komu

An 84-year-old mountaineer is leading a team of 11 to climb Mt Kenya in honour of second liberation hero Kenneth Matiba who died four months ago.

If successful, Mr Naigzy Gebremedhin mission to scale Mt Kenya’s Lenana Peak will see him become the oldest man to climb the mountain, smashing the record he set two years ago.

The treacherous journey to the top of the second highest mountain in Africa started off at around noon on Friday with Mr Naigzy leading a team of young climbers.

This will be his 13th climb of Mt Kenya for the Eritrean-born American.

Matiba is said to have climbed Mt Kenya 18 times.

Together with the team, they will use the Naromoru route and are expected to descend on Sunday. They will make several stopovers at camps along the route to allow them acclimatise to their surroundings.

While the hike for most of ...
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