Kenya airlines demand tax review to lower fuel costs - 3 months ago, 19 Nov 12:29

By: Lee Mwiti

Top airlines in the country have protested the high fuel prices that have been brought by stringent taxation from the government.

The airlines among them Kenya Airways (KQ), Fly540 and SafariLink are demanding that the pricing of the jet fuel is reviewed in such a way that some levies that have nothing to do with the aviation industry are completely done away with to lower costs.

They have specifically pointed out two levies – the Railway Development Levy (RDL) and the Road Maintenance Levy Fund (RMLF) – as the taxes that should be removed from the pricing of Jetty A 1 fuel since planes have nothing to do with roads or railways.

According to Nixon Ooko, the Head of corporate affairs at Flight540, the levies are completely absurd and it is time they were done away with when it comes to dealing with the aviation industry.

"Look at it this way. ...
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