It’s the season of handshakes: In praise of the ‘Kenyan disease’ - 7 months ago, 11 July 21:59

By: Charles Onyango-o ...

It is the season of political handshakes on the eastern side of Africa.

It all started on March 9, when President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition chief Raila Odinga surprised many — and deeply disappointed some — when they shook hands after a memorably bitter election last year.

The comments about supporters of the ruling Jubilee Party and the opposition coalition Nasa being left high and dry, and accusations of world-class opportunism on Raila’s part, could fill a lake.

Then even bigger handshakes followed in Ethiopia after the youthful and reformist Abiy Ahmed was elected prime minister by the ruling EPRDF following the shock resignation of Hailemariam Desalegn.

Abiy has gone on to dizzy Ethiopia, and the world, with the speed and zeal of his reforms. After decades in which the opponents were tortured, beaten and arrested in droves, Abiy threw away that book. He released political prisoners and then shook hands with and ...
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1 hours ago, 00:45
Referendum can’t be about selfish agenda of leaders

The conversation on the Kenyan Constitution after the fabled March 9 handshake has remained narrow and self-serving. Where it should be on the country and her people, it remains solidly on the leaders ...

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1 hours ago, 00:37
It’s hard to believe abortion, says Caroline’s father Mbai

Caroline Mwatha’s father Stanslaus Mbai on Friday said he was dissatisfied with the postmortem that showed the activist died from excessive bleeding.Chief government pathologist Johansen Oduor ...

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1 hours ago, 00:45
Canadian, Kenyan teams burn midnight oil working on HIV vaccine

Kenyan and Canadian researchers are working on what they say is a promising new HIV vaccine. Based on the chicken pox vaccine, the concept has been tried among 44 HIV negative women in Nairobi with ...

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2 hours ago, 00:08
No raids were carried out at my homes, says Balala

Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala yesterday denied reports that his homes were raided by anti-graft officers in a Sh100 million contract inquiry. The CS, however, confirmed that the ...

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2 hours ago, 00:05
North Korea looking for home-grown, sanctions-proof energy

Power-strapped North Korea is exploring two ambitious alternative energy sources, tidal power and coal-based synthetic fuels, that could greatly improve living standards and reduce its reliance on oil ...

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2 hours ago, 00:05
Tanzania, Uganda overtake Kenya in major infrastructural projects

Kenya’s East African peers will race past it as the new home for mega infrastructure projects in 2019, thanks to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s austerity measures. Debtwire, an intelligence service that ...

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