Here's How To Style Your Boyfriend's Shirt The Day After A Sleepover! - 8 months ago, 12 June 10:31

By: Diana Machira

If you can relate to sleeping over at your beau’s house with nothing to wear the next day, or if you’re simply looking to expand your closet horizons, then these fabulous tips on how to style your boyfriend’s shirt will come in quite handy! 😉 Sometimes we girls like to wear our significant other’s clothes to feel closer to them as we goa about our day, so we might as well look stunning while at it!

Boyfriend’s shirts, more often than not, have that oversized appeal, but if you are looking to achieve a smart and more put together look, then a corset belt will come in handy to snatch that waist and accentuate your curves. We love the simplicity of this look, paired with distressed denim and a pair of pointy-toe pumps!

Unless you’re single, we see no real need to splurge on oversized shirt dresses! Lol! When it comes to ...
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