HOLIDAY SEASON: Survival manual for newly-married city women this Easter - Nairobi News - 12 months ago, 31 Mar 09:15

Nairobi Wife

Many weddings have taken place since December last year, with many couples taking advantage of the heat wave to make sure their special days are as sunny as their dispositions.

For new brides, Easter will be the first big holiday that you will spend with your new family, without your people nearby. It will be a challenge, especially if you intend to spend the holiday with your newfound family.

For the city wives heading to rural Kenya with the family for the first time as married women, be warned. You are no longer a girlfriend that people will bend over backwards to please. You are now a wife and your role has changes significantly since “I do”.

This is the time when in-laws will look for excuses for you to be dumped. Go with an open mind. If you will be housed in your in-laws compound, leave your airs behind.

The toilet will most ...
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