HAKI: End mob ‘justice’ in Mombasa - 4 months ago, 11 Oct 23:43

By: Hussein Khalid

In the last one week, Mombasa has reported at least four cases of mob lynching of suspects.

The incidences were reported to have happened in broad daylight, as the public descended on suspects believed to be members of criminal gangs operating within Mombasa estates.

Two of those killed were stoned to death, while one was burnt beyond recognition.

The fourth suspect is believed to have suffered fatal injuries caused by blunt objects.

In reporting these cases, the police and the public referred to them as mob “justice”.

However, in the case of Mombasa, it’s neither mob-driven nor is it justice. It is vigilante groups targeting specific individuals and executing the heinous crime of murder in the name of “justice”.

The actions can only be equated to unruly, irresponsible and reckless actions of a few individuals in society bent on flagrantly violating the fundamental right to life guaranteed by the Constitution of Kenya.

In one of the incidences, ...
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