GIRL ABOUT TOWN: The lies tailors tell - 3 months ago, 9 Nov 12:47

By: Salma Oyier

Madam, haiko tayari. Kuja kesho, nitakuwa nimemaliza (It’s not ready. Come back tomorrow, it will be ready then),” the tailor told me for the umpteenth time.

I had a mind to pick up my material and leave with it but it was already cut into the design and partly sewn. And more than anything, I needed peace – it had been a long day.

I sighed, looked at the tailor angrily, then bit my tongue because I knew I was about to say something I would regret.


Sawa (Fine),” I said tightly as I stepped out of his shop, weary and regretting why I had passed by. Then I turned back and said: “Ka haijaisha kesho nitaichukua na sitalipa (If it is not ready by tomorrow, I will take it as it is and I will not pay you).”

I watched the tailor’s jaw drop (let’s call ...
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