Congo: Civil activists push for release of colleagues and 'political prisoners' | Africanews - 9 months ago, 16 Maý 18:49

By: Victor Muisyo

A section of civil rights activists in the Republic of Congo are no relenting in their quest to demand for the release of fellow activists, who they say have been arrested over the last ten days. The arrested were protesting to demand the release of those whom they consider political prisoners.

On 7 May in Pointe Noire, 20 activists from the Ras-le-Bol civil movement were arrested in front of the Pointe-Noire high court.

Three days later in Brazzaville, 3 other members of the group including their coordinator Frank Nzila were arrested. They were holding placards asking the government to release the political prisoners.

Brice Makosso is an activist with the Turnons La Page movement. He says: “On May 7, the trial of General Mokoko began and the movement Ras-le bol, which is a member of Let’s Turn the Page movement launched a campaign to demand the release of political prisoners. They were deployed ...
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