CITY GIRL: What life, writing have taught me in four years - Nairobi News - 8 months ago, 28 July 11:06

Njoki Chege

Every year at around this time, I sit to reminisce about this column and if I am inspired enough, I write a boring think-piece commemorating the month in which the idea of this column was conceived.

Sometime this month, this column turned four, but it only occurred to me the other day because July has been such a hectic month. This year, as the column steps into its fifth year, I thought I would share with my dear readers — to whom I owe my existence — some important lessons that I have learnt in the course of writing a newspaper column.

The first is that not all critics are haters. As someone who has been on the receiving end of tornadoes of opprobrium and vituperation, it is only fair that I share one or two tips that I picked up over the years. I will admit, the hardest thing I have ...
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