CITY GIRL: Stop shaming these teens, teach them the good ways - Nairobi News - 12 months ago, 13 Apr 17:30

City Girl

If you are a parent to a teenager, click on the hashtag #IfikieWazazi at your own risk. It is bad. Teenagers are now taking pictures of themselves while naked. And the pictures are disgusting.

The old me would have gone all the way to describe the photos in astounding detail, but since I am a reformed and recovering controversial columnist, I am going to stick with safe words such as “improper” and “immoral”, hoping you will understand the magnitude of dishonourableness we are talking about here.

Kenyans on social media, in their Solomon wisdom decided that the best way to handle a scandal of this enormity would be to humiliate these teenagers by sharing these photos hence the hashtag #IfikieWazazi (Let it reach their parents).

IfikieWazazi, is not a call to morality for our teenagers. Let us call it what it is. IfikieWazazi is a sadistic online bullying movement pushed by irresponsible adults. ...
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