CITY GIRL: Let’s set the record straight - Her short, tight skirt isn’t to blame for sexual harassment - Nairobi News - 21 July 2017 18:17

City Girl

I received overwhelming feedback following my article last week on why we must tackle sexual harassment in the workplace. Interestingly, most the feedback was from men — which is understandable since it is the men who are behind most of the sexual harassment cases. Some of the feedback made a lot of sense, for instance, that men also experience sexual harassment in the workplace. A lot of men have encountered sexual harassment from either female colleagues or female bosses, albeit heavily under-reported, a fact which I acknowledge we must address. Then again, it occurred to me that if men were the majority victims of sexual harassment, they would already have had an “anti-sexual harassment” law in place. The most surprising thing from the feedback was that many of them were blaming the victims. “What do you expect when a woman wears a very tight skirt to the office? She is ...
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