CITY GIRL: Croatia’s president is one woman to emulate - Nairobi News - 8 months ago, 20 July 18:04

Njoki Chege

I never pass an opportunity to write about a powerful woman I admire. As an ambitious young woman with bigger ambitions than writing about ‘pink topics’, I try to soak in as much inspiration as I can from the pioneers and trailblazers who went before us.

So as I was watching the World Cup finals in between studying for exams, I could not help but wonder about the woman dressed in a red-and-white Croatian jersey and white pants in the VIP section cheering the Croatian team.

Who is she? Her name is Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, the President of Croatia. When she run against the incumbent Ivo Josipovic in 2015, she was nicknamed “Barbie” and pundits projected that she would lose to Josipovic until she pulled a stunner and won by a whisker, with 50.5 per cent of the vote.


When she came to power, Kolinda was not only the first female president of Croatia ...
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