Being Bahati Vs The Real Life Of Wasafi: Which Reality Show Would You Watch (Vote) - ZUMI - 7 months ago, 13 July 12:30

By: Faiza Hemed

Where anyone with a social media following is considered famous and successful. However, there are some talented people are out here diversifying their networth and turning likes into currency. Diamond Platnumz has managed to go from struggling musician to award-winning artist and CEO of Wasafi media. Closer home, Gospel artist Bahati’s life is a rags to riches story.

Recently, Bahati launched a reality TV show Being Bahati which is set to air from next weekend. The launch happened 2 days ago and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Meanwhile, Diamond and his Wasafi family including his mom and sister came together for the most dramatic reality show ever, The Real Life Of wasafi is set to drop this weekend and Diamond has asked fans to decide where they want the first episode to air either on YouTube or the Wasafi TV station.

It’s up to you to decide:


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