BLOG: Yes, we ladies are sluts of free drinks - Nairobi News - 8 months ago, 1 July 12:39

By: Maggie Shiks

Before we throw stones at this glass house, let’s face it; apart from that time guys turn 18 and they are taking their broke ass to clubbing for the first time just for the hype, the rest of them whether they admit openly or not they go to the clubs to get girls.

What I haven’t understood is why they get so much confidence to approach them after the backing from their five Tuborgs or just after a few Yaga shots.

I know you will ask me then why do ladies go to clubs? Mmmhh!!! They mainly go to see if anyone would notice them behind the layers of greasy make up and in turn satisfying their sense of insecurity

If that fails they huddle up in groups and take pictures to fill up their Facebook photo-album and take WhatsApp videos in another plea for attention.

In short, they give you something to look ...
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