BLOG: Why I'm a big believer of official marriages - Nairobi News - 2 Mar 2018 16:52

Nairobi Wife

People seeking to add their spouses in their NHIF cover will now have to produce valid marriage certificates to do so. Why does this look like couples are being forced to get married officially without it being said outright? By the way, I am very happy about this. I feel people should make their marriages official. If it takes medical insurance covers to ensure that happens, the better. I have several reasons why this new regulation is exciting for me. If a marriage is made official before the eyes of the law, at least, then so many problems would be solved. Feelings of insecurity in the relationship would be a thing of the past because this person has made their commitment to you official. “Whether someone does an official wedding and gets a certificate or is cohabiting does not get them immune to most of these problems faced in marriage. ...
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