BLOG: Why Cuban doctors in Kenya don’t deserve treatment they’re getting - Nairobi News - 8 months ago, 28 June 13:17

By: Rich Warner

Cuban medical missions abroad are perhaps one of the most significant legacies of the 1959 Cuban Revolution. The programme involves Cuban doctors offering health care services in host countries, often in impoverished rural communities where there’s little access.

The programme stemmed from Cuba’s foreign policy objectives of anti-colonialism and humanitarianism in the 1960s. It became one way in which Cuba could avoid the isolation intended by the trade embargo imposed by the US and its expulsion from the Organisation of American States (OAS).

Well over 131,993 Cuban doctors have taken part in international missions in 107 countries. Kenya is the latest. The first 50 specialists arrived in the country recently, with 50 more to follow. All are expected to work in under served rural areas.

But their arrival has been met with a storm of protest. Some Kenyan health professionals have strongly opposed their arrival on the grounds that they’ll be taking away ...
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