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Scott Bellows

In the long history of the world, humans came to dominate since the last ice age. Remarkably over the past 12,000 years, human beings were the dominant species in all areas of the globe. We achieved such prevailing power because the human mind developed remarkable conscious brain function involved in reason, logic, planning, and social collaboration in ways that our pre-historic ancestors could not.

In the animal kingdom, one can observe insects such as ants working in highly co-ordinated ways to form colonies and survive through cohesion. But in the large species of land mammals, zoologists note that population cohesion breaks down upon a dozen to a few dozen individuals. Humans on the other hand developed the ability to work together with large populations in the thousands in the stone age to tens of thousands on average in the bronze age to hundreds of thousands by the iron age.

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Sistema.bio founder Alex Eaton visits regional offices in Kenya

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Cane farmers protest want Sh2.7 billion listed beneficiaries published

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Agency seeks legal changes to hasten disposal of State firms

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