Reports show missing Nairobi human rights activist died from abortion gone bad - 3 days ago, 19:45

By: Linda Shiundu

More mystery surrounds the death of Dandora-based human right activist Caroline Mwatha's death as police reports indicate she died following botched abortion.

Mwatha is reported to have been five months pregnant and sought abortion services at a clinic whose owner and a doctor working at the facility have since been arrested.

A report by Daily Nation indicates the owner of the clinic and the doctor admitted to having booked Mwatha's body at City mortuary under a different name.

They are also reported to have indicated her cause of death to be diarrhea.

Mwatha's death and the arrest of the two were confirmed by police spokesperson Charles Owino.

Mwatha's body was found after detectives investigating her disappearance got clues from the main suspects believed to be behind her botched abortion.

Mwatha was reportedly last seen on Wednesday, February 6, after seeing her daughter off to school before she went missing.

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