Focusing on healthcare would easily cement legacy for Uhuru - 6 days ago, 19:00

By: Kaltum Guyo

The state of healthcare in Kenya is deplorable and continues to be so despite the ‘Big Four Agenda’ having the service as a pillar.

Kenyans still struggle to access healthcare — not only basic healthcare but health coverage in its totality.

This is not criticism of the Big Four but the counties dragging their feet in enhancing healthcare at the grassroots.

We keep hearing about hospitals with poor mortuary facilities and bodies just left to rot. And if we still talk of patients who sleep on the floor, share beds or ill-afford basic medication, then we have no healthcare to speak of.


Al Jazeera recently showed a documentary where poor pregnant Kenyan women had to bribe clinicians so that they can be fast-tracked to avoid a still birth. These women keep their foetuses healthy for nine months but lose babies to human greed and narcissism in our hospitals.

I ...
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