5 Surefire Signs He Will Cheat On You Again - ZUMI - 8 months ago, 16 June 12:12

By: Vanessa Waithira

He cheated on you and broke your heart and then now he promised that he will not cheat on you again. Sadly, you can never be too sure about someone who has cheated on you before. Chances are that no matter what he said he will still cheat on you eventually. There are few good ones who decide to not stray but then again, once a cheater always a cheater.

The world revolves around him and he has a way of justifying his mistakes. He will probably always have an excuse as to why he cheated and most of the time it is actually self serving. If he thinks he is special or if he acts in an unapologetic manner then chances are he will cheat on you quite a bit.

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He says sorry but he has now reached a point where he doesn’t feel enough ...
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