From Uhuru to Museveni, here are Africa's highest paid Presidents (List) - 3 days ago, 15:20

By: Peninah Njoki

The salaries drawn by African Presidents has always been a topic of discussion, as it’s claimed they are the highest paid leaders.

We always hear justifications for why they need to draw such huge amounts, even as their citizens continue to wallow in poverty.

To refresh your memory here are the top paid presidents in Africa.

1. Paul Biya


Paul is the president of Cameroon. He earns a basic salary of Sh5, 251,049.

2. King Mohammed

king mohammed

He is the current King of Morocco. He earns a basic salary of Sh4, 132 ,000.

3. Cyril Ramaphosa


Cyril is the current president of South Africa. He earns a basic salary of  Sh2,900,000.

4. Yoweri Museveni


Museveni is the current president of Uganda and earns a basic salary of Sh 1,446,200.

5. Abdelaziz bouteflika

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