1 day ago, 14:22
@BusinessDaily - By: Charles Mwaniki
Fuel prices rise in November review

Motorists in Nairobi will now pay Sh118.11 for a litre of super petrol, and Sh112.83 for diesel ...

Category: business news economy corporate lifestyle markets opinion
1 day ago, 17:38
@DailyNation - By: Luis Franceschi
Will Africa invest in what really matters, in the way it matters?

Africa has to choose to do right and benefit from immense development opportunities ...

Category: oped opinion news
1 day ago, 12:01
@BusinessDaily - By: Ruth Mbula
Obado arrested in Nairobi

Eight guns were recently found in his homes during a raid by officials from EACC. ...

Category: business news opinion economy
1 day ago, 12:26
@BusinessDaily - By: Philip Muyanga
Blow for ex-KPA boss in unexplained assets case

Judge notes that assets that have been frozen ought to act as a moral lesson ...

Category: business news markets corporate opinion economy
1 day ago, 12:27
@DailyNation - By: Naisola Likimani
Are gender-equal relationships possible?

Embracing gender equality requires that we overhaul the many traditions that elevate the man above the woman. ...

Category: oped opinion news
1 day ago, 09:46
@BusinessDaily - By: Reuters
'Water from air' quenches girls' thirst in arid Kenya

'Hydropanels', produced by US-based technology company Zero Mass Water, pull water vapour from the air and condense it into a reservoir. ...

Category: business news opinion economy corporate
1 day ago, 08:23
@BusinessDaily -
MTN making progress to resolve $10.1bn dispute with Nigeria

South Africa’s MTN Group is making progress in resolving a $10.1 billion funds repatriation and tax bill depute with Nigerian authorities, its CEO said on Tuesday. ...

Category: business opinion news economy
1 days ago, 07:35
@BusinessDaily - By: Victor Juma
Watchdog fines city tycoon for irregular buyout

Interconsumer bought Belsize when it was almost going under, arguing that the hasty buyout was necessary to save the jobs of the target’s nine employees. ...

Category: business news corporate lifestyle opinion economy markets
1 days ago, 07:20
@BusinessDaily - By: Reuters
Zimbabwe's inflation at highest in a decade

Some businesses are now demanding cash in US dollars only and have raised prices by more than three times ...

Category: business news lifestyle markets opinion corporate
1 days ago, 06:59
@BusinessDaily - By: Annie Njanja
KQ cuts New York flights as demand dips in winter

Airline says cuts are part of normal operational decisions. ...

Category: business news economy opinion corporate lifestyle


10 hours ago, 16:09
@BusinessDaily - By: Douglas Kiereini
Meet the man who woke Nairobi up to life at night

By 1960, a new African middle class had begun to assert itself in Kenya. ...

Category: business opinion news
10 hours ago, 15:50
@BusinessDaily - By: Man About Town
MAN ABOUT TOWN: Josphat sees opportunity in CEO’s messy tax

I had been looking forward to a quiet end of year period, but life has a way of tampering with my expectations. ...

Category: business economy news markets corporate opinion lifestyle
10 hours ago, 15:59
@BusinessDaily - By: Margaretta Wa Gac ...
Lest we forget, the arts evoke our humanity

Sins and Secrets isn’t a story of class struggle, but it effectively illustrates the irrefutable need for change in a world where injustice, greed and inequality seem to take precedence over humanity ...

Category: business opinion news
10 hours ago, 15:59
@BusinessDaily - By: Margaretta Wa Gac ...
Thrills galore at third International Theatre Festival marred by

Kenyan theatre got a big boost last week with the third Kenya International Theatre Festival (KITF) happening mainly at Kenya National Theatre. ...

Category: business opinion news markets
14 hours ago, 11:42
@BusinessDaily - By: Paul Redfern
Kenyans among world's most generous - report

Kenya is the only African country in the top 10 ranking by UK-based Charities Aid Foundation ...

Category: business markets news economy lifestyle opinion corporate
18 hours ago, 08:09
@TheEastAfrican - By: Elsie Eyakuze
Can youth steer us into the Brave New World?

For our African societies, is the 50s the perfect time for leadership? ...

Category: topnews news oped opinion
15 hours ago, 10:48
@BusinessDaily - By: Winnie Atieno
Mombasa MCAs seek to ban operating night clubs in residential

Popular nightclubs in Mombasa are likely to lose their licenses following the ban. ...

Category: business news lifestyle opinion
17 hours ago, 08:33
@BusinessDaily - By: Bonface Otieno
KQ postpones Mogadishu flights

National carrier cites "operational requirements beyond our control" for the delay. ...

Category: business news economy lifestyle corporate markets opinion
20 hours ago, 06:07
@BusinessDaily - By: Reuters
Uber eyes minibus service in Nairobi

The idea would be to apply it to vehicles carrying up to 16 people, firm says ...

Category: business lifestyle news topnews economy markets opinion corporate
17 hours ago, 08:33
@BusinessDaily -
KQ delays launch of Mogadishu direct flights

National carrier cites "operational requirements beyond our control" for the delay. ...

Category: business news economy corporate markets lifestyle opinion
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