1 day ago, 17:02
@BusinessDaily - By: Ochieng' Oreyo
My search for glory as trainer of medical talent

Denis Oketch says he has worked for people but only did so to learn the art of enterprise war. ...

Category: business opinion news
1 day ago, 16:01
@BusinessDaily - By: Murori Kiunga
KIUNGA: Choose how your firm will sell for revenues to flow

One of the common mistakes most start-ups and experienced firms make is failing to direct the right marketing and sales promotion to the right target. ...

Category: business opinion news
1 day ago, 16:08
@BusinessDaily - By: Sri Bharatam
Throw your heart over the barrier, body will follow

Jerry was the owner of a successful restaurant. One day, when the back door of his restaurant was open, he was robbed by three armed men. ...

Category: business opinion news
1 day ago, 15:31
@BusinessDaily - By: Gatuyu Justice
GATUYU: Kenya can use warehouse receipts to boost agriculture

A warehouse receipt is a document that provides proof of ownership of commodities stored in a warehouse.

Category: business opinion news
1 day ago, 15:19
@BusinessDaily - By: Editorial
EDITORIAL: Fulfil digitisation promise

The public clamour for proper records, efficient service and fraud control has made digitisation the buzzword at Ardhi House, the Ministry of Land headquarters.

Category: business opinion news
1 day ago, 15:19
@BusinessDaily - By: Editorial
EDITORIAL: Asset sales a wake-up call for private universities

That some cash-strapped private universities, hit by dwindling number of students in the wake of recent tightening of exam rules, are selling key assets to settle debts is sad, but revealing.

Category: business opinion news
1 day ago, 14:55
@BusinessDaily - By: James Kariuki
Solar firm M-Kopa lays off 450 staff to cut costs

M-Kopa Solar fired 450 workers in its subsidiaries in four countries to ease operational costs and boost profitability. ...

Category: business markets news lifestyle corporate economy opinion
1 day ago, 14:21
@BusinessDaily - By: Ndirangu Ngunjiri
Why many small businesses fail to grow after launch

Many new businesses collapse for lack of proper leadership. ...

Category: business news opinion corporate economy lifestyle markets
1 day ago, 14:10
@BusinessDaily - By: Darius Okolla
LETTERS: Youth unemployment calls for quick action

Young adulthood between the ages of 18-25 provides the best window for most youths to gain human capital. ...

Category: business news opinion
1 day ago, 14:17
@DailyNation - By: Kwame Owino
Safaricom: Competition report shows regulator’s fixation on price controls

Dominance report revealed tension between the Communications Authority and Competition Authority ...

Category: oped opinion news


10 hours ago, 17:22
@BusinessDaily - By: Constant Munda
KTDA turns to its land near city depot for logistics hub

KTDA will build a logistics centre in Nairobi, taking a major step in the push by the government to divert cargo to the standard gauge railway and put the expanded Nairobi Inland Container Depot to ...

Category: business markets news economy lifestyle opinion corporate
12 hours ago, 15:50
@BusinessDaily - By: Bonface Otieno
NEMA says flooded Green-Park Estate not on riparian land

The section of the upmarket Green-Park Estate in Athi River that was flooded after Stoni Athi River burst its banks does not lie on riparian land, the National Environment and Management Authority (NE ...

Category: business news lifestyle markets corporate economy opinion
14 hours ago, 13:53
@BusinessDaily - By: Victor Raballa
Auctioneers descend on Uchumi in rent row

Pambo Auctioneers stormed the retailer's premises at West End Mall allegedly on instructions from the owner of the building.

Category: business news opinion corporate
17 hours ago, 10:59
@TheEastAfrican - By: Muthoni Wanyeki
So, what next after Uhuru and Raila announcement?

This may be just the manoeuvring ahead of the 2022 elections. ...

Category: oped opinion news
17 hours ago, 11:18
@BusinessDaily - By: Sam Kiplagat
Lawyers take on insurance regulator

The insurance regulator is on the spot after the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) moved to court seeking to clip its powers in appointing statutory managers of underwriters placed under receivership.

Category: business markets news lifestyle economy corporate opinion
16 hours ago, 11:19
@DailyNation - By: John Walubengo
Why Facebook’s suspension of Cambridge Analytica is instructive for Kenya

Kenya should to quickly get its data protection law into place. ...

Category: oped opinion news
16 hours ago, 11:43
@BusinessDaily - By: James Ngunjiri
Why insurance sales agents will not be exiting the stage soon

Insurance companies are set to increase the number of sales agents and equip them with the right skills to navigate the ever-changing market. ...

Category: business news opinion markets lifestyle economy corporate
15 hours ago, 12:51
@BusinessDaily - By: James Kariuki
Drones firm in plea to reduce fees for would be owners

An unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) company has called for a review of licensing fees imposed on would-be owners terming the newly gazetted charges prohibitive.

Category: business economy news corporate opinion markets lifestyle
14 hours ago, 13:35
@TheStar - By: Star Reporter @th ...
Cambridge Analytica confirms involvement in Kenyan elections

British data mining firm Cambridge Analytica has confirmed that it was behind the TNA and Jubilee presidential election campaigns in 2013 and 2017. In a undercover film broadcast on Channel 4 News in ...

Category: topnews news sports oped opinion
19 hours ago, 08:27
@BusinessDaily - By: Reuters
'Socially responsible' investors reassess Facebook ownership

With European and US lawmakers calling for investigations into reports that Facebook user data was accessed by UK based consultancy Cambridge Analytica to help President Donald Trump win the 2016 elec ...

Category: business economy news opinion markets corporate
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