3 days ago, 08:50
@BusinessDaily - By: John Kageche
Make it easier to close sale like a hawker

How to seize the right moment matters big. ...

Category: business lifestyle news corporate economy markets opinion
3 days ago, 09:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Afp
Kenya's top bottled water brands contaminated with plastic

The world's leading brands of bottled water are contaminated with tiny plastic particles that are likely seeping in during the packaging process, according to a major study across nine countries publi ...

Category: business news lifestyle
3 days ago, 08:58
@DailyNation - By: Thomas Matiko
ONE ON ONE: Diamond Platnumz

Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz launched his much awaited second album A Boy From Tandale on Wednesday at the Kenya National Theatre. ...

Category: topnews news lifestyle
3 days ago, 08:20
@BusinessDaily - By: Scott Bellows
BELLOWS: What research tells us about participative leaders

Recent study by USIU-A sheds light on effects of involving employees in crucial workplace decisions. ...

Category: business news lifestyle economy corporate markets opinion
3 days ago, 08:38
@BusinessDaily - By: Gerald Andae
Soko maker stirs market with new premium flour

Amaize flour, which sells at Sh142 for a two kilo packet, hit the market a week ago ...

Category: business news lifestyle corporate economy markets
3 days ago, 08:33
@BusinessDaily - By: Mercy Mugo
Dilemma hiring managers face handling job-hoppers

Job-hopping can be defined as a pattern of changing employers every year or two out of one’s own volition rather than as a result of something like a layoff or company closure. ...

Category: business lifestyle news
3 days ago, 07:51
@BusinessDaily - By: Mugambi Mutegi
KenolKobil pays ex-CEO Sh500m in shares claim

Oil marketer KenolKobil #ticker:KENO paid its former chief executive, Jacob Segman, Sh490 million in December, settling a shares compensation dispute that loomed large over its finances in the wake of ...

Category: business news economy lifestyle corporate
3 days ago, 06:16
@BusinessDaily - By: Gerald Andae
Heavy downpour will continue to Monday next week

Heavy rains have left a trail of destruction in parts of the country ...

Category: business news opinion lifestyle
3 days ago, 04:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Neville Otuki
IMF gives Kenya 6-month standby loan extension

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved Kenya’s request for a six- month extension of a Sh150 billion ($1.5 billion) standby credit facility that was due to expire Wednesday. ...

Category: business lifestyle news opinion markets economy corporate
3 days ago, 18:28
@BusinessDaily - By: James Kariuki
Company uses smart scales to read farm produce weights

ICT applications firm Capture Solutions has come up with sector-to-sector softwares that it says seal loopholes exploited by users to fleece businesses and governments. ...

Category: business opinion news markets corporate lifestyle economy


1 days ago, 16:17
@DailyNation - By: Joachim Osur
Urinary incontinence can be stopped

Women who have given birth can experience a most embarrassing leakage, but there is hope. ...

Category: lifestyle news topnews
1 days ago, 16:18
@DailyNation -
“I donated my kidney to my husband”

Faith Wambui Thuo, 57 is a food technologist turned dairy farmer who shares here about her experience giving the man she loves one of her organs. ...

Category: lifestyle news
1 days ago, 16:17
@DailyNation - By: Jackson Biko
Oh, the perils of  distance love

If your alleged partner is far enough away that you need a visa to go see them, consider the fact that you might actually just be single. ...

Category: lifestyle news
1 days ago, 16:17
@DailyNation - By: Waceke Nduati Oma ...
Financial empowerment for the stay at home mum

You deserve to have a say over how all income coming into the home is allocated, whether or not you are working outside the home. ...

Category: lifestyle news
1 days ago, 16:19
@DailyNation - By: Liz Lundi
Judging on appearance

Liz and Chris’ night in Majengo continues – with a rather unpleasant surprise in store for Liz. ...

Category: lifestyle news
2 days ago, 14:55
@DailyNation - By: Louis Muiruri
LIFE BY LOUIS: Our mud skating skills were fit for the Olympics

The ongoing rains signify misery for those people who are caught by the unfortunate incidents of flash floods and other perils that come with the heavy rains. ...

Category: lifestyle news
2 days ago, 15:11
@DailyNation - By: Gloria Mwaniga
BY THE BOOK: Thomas Mlanda

Thomas Mlanda is a writer, literary theorist and critic. ...

Category: lifestyle news
2 days ago, 12:03
@BusinessDaily - By: Justus Ochieng'
Nyong'o joins Uhuru in Cuba

President Kenyatta is in Cuba for a three-day state visit. ...

Category: business lifestyle news economy markets opinion corporate
2 days ago, 13:43
@BusinessDaily - By: Victor Raballa
Western Kenya’s largest shopping mall opens its doors

Some of the tenants include the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), Bata, Sameer Africa and American hotel chain Best Western which has occupied the six-floor facility belonging to the Lake Basin ...

Category: business lifestyle news
2 days ago, 11:21
@BusinessDaily - By: Margaretta Wa Gac ...
Kenyan Who’s Taking Artworks to Golf Clubs

As the rich’s appetite for art grows, Tom Siambey exhibits and sells pieces in strategic spots. ...

Category: business corporate news economy markets lifestyle
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