1 day ago, 19:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Charles Mwaniki
Interest payments on public debt increase 18pc

The interest paid on Kenya’s public debt rose past the Sh300 billion mark in the year to June 2018. ...

Category: business news corporate opinion markets
1 days ago, 15:09
@TheEastAfrican - By: Jenerali Ulimweng ...
A foolish journalist walks into a Saudi embassy, and Trump doesn’t say ‘fake news’

Trump may even privately think the whole thing is fake news invented by the Clintons. ...

Category: topnews news oped opinion
1 days ago, 16:03
@CITIZENTV - By: Reuters
Messi blow as Barca go top with win over Sevilla

Messi blow as Barca go top with win over Sevilla ...

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1 days ago, 12:06
@BusinessDaily - By: Carol Musyoka
MUSYOKA: AI starts to take director seat in the boardroom

Firms are using computers to shift through massive past data in order to define future trends. ...

Category: business corporate news economy opinion markets
1 day ago, 16:56
@BusinessDaily - By: James Ngunjiri
Technology presents insurers with many fresh opportunities

Some insurers have formed partnerships with technology companies to improve operational efficiency. ...

Category: business economy news lifestyle corporate opinion
2 days ago, 04:00
@DailyNation - By: Chris Erasmus
Why Ramaphosa will find it difficult to end land injustices in South Africa

Twenty-years after independence, wealth in Namibia is still skewed along racial lines. ...

Category: topnews news oped opinion
2 days ago, 04:00
@DailyNation - By: Lukoye Atwoli
Do not trivialise suicide, you charlatans

The vast majority of people who kill themselves have suffered mental ill health for long periods of time. ...

Category: topnews news oped opinion
2 days ago, 04:00
@DailyNation - By: Tom Odhiambo
Why tax without accountability is unacceptable

The government should more transparent in the use of public resources. ...

Category: oped opinion news topnews
2 days ago, 04:00
@DailyNation - By: Peter Kagwanja
Africa must safeguard its sovereignty from superpower rivalries

The United States is playing a catch-up game having lost some ground to China. ...

Category: oped opinion news
2 days ago, 21:59
@DailyNation - By: Sunny Bindra
Why you could have bought your last-ever traditional car

The world’s leading automakers are already in reinvention mode. ...

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19 hours ago, 15:17
@CITIZENTV - By: Citizen Reporter
WAIHIGA: Should Kenya’s media invest more in Solutions-Focused Journalism?

I recently spoke to BBC news anchor Lucy Hockings on her GMT show about Solutions-Focused Journalism (SFJ) and why the 55 countries on the African continent could benefit a bit more from it. ...

Category: topnews news opinion
20 hours ago, 13:48
@BusinessDaily - By: The New York Time ...
Rescuing imperilled sea turtles off Kenya’s coast

Sea turtles worldwide are threatened with extinction. ...

Category: business lifestyle news corporate markets economy opinion
21 hours ago, 12:40
@BusinessDaily - By: James Kariuki
Airtel, Telkom increase call and SMS charges

The move by the two firms comes just five days after Kenya's largest telecommunications firm Safaricom raised the cost of calls and SMS. ...

Category: business economy news corporate lifestyle markets opinion
19 hours ago, 15:03
@DailyNation - By: Bitange Ndemo
How prepared are we for the inevitable Fourth Industrial Revolution?

While there are jobs that will be easily disrupted by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many new positions will come with the disruption. ...

Category: oped opinion news
21 hours ago, 12:40
@BusinessDaily - By: John Mutua
KWAL board picks Lina Githuka to head firm

The Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd (KWAL) has appointed Lina Githuka as its new managing director as part of a strategy to grow its market share and improvement performance. ...

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22 hours ago, 11:40
@BusinessDaily - By: Harvard Business ...
If humility is so important, why are leaders so arrogant?

For one thing, too many leaders think they can’t be humble and ambitious at the same time. ...

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23 hours ago, 10:51
@BusinessDaily - By: Brian Wasuna
KPLC, Mboya settle power billing case

Customers have 30 days from today to raise billing complaints ...

Category: business news markets economy corporate opinion lifestyle
1 day ago, 10:05
@BusinessDaily - By: Reuters
CMA warns over online forex trading

Regulator says it plans to take appropriate action against any persons involved in illegal online forex trading ...

Category: business corporate news markets opinion economy
1 day ago, 08:42
@BusinessDaily - By: Sam Kiplagat
Puzzle over 'missing' report on Kenya Power transformers

DPP's office to investigate how the files went missing. ...

Category: business news corporate markets lifestyle opinion
1 day ago, 09:27
@BusinessDaily -
Easing of travel advisories lifts Lamu tourism

Lamu’s tourism sector has suffered adversely due to insecurity. ...

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