4 days ago, 21:12
@Zumi - By: Reina Kimeu
Radio Presenter Adelle Onyango's Hairstyles Will Leave You A Little Jealous! - ZUMI

Adelle Onyango has been serving us hair goals for the past four months and we cannot help but get a little jealous of her glorious weaves and wigs.

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4 days ago, 21:16
@Zumi - By: Reina Kimeu
Take This Poll To Find Out What Women Thought About Lupita Nyongo's Brother's Headgear! - ZUMI

Lupita Nyongo Kenya Fashion Zumi He was in a suit and a turban that could have been inspired by the Swahili men who wore similar headgear back in the day.

Category: magazine zumi women fashion
4 days ago, 20:48
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Jessie Van Amburg
Mega-Popular Blogger 'Deliciously Ella' Is The Genius Behind These 4 Insane Vegan Dinners

When it comes to a vegan diet, most people think that it's...well, boring.

Category: magazine women
4 days ago, 19:51
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Ashley Mateo
How Many HIIT Workouts Should You Really Be Doing Each Week?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is called high-intensity for a reason: It’s hard!

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3 days ago, 10:04
3 days ago, 09:55
@Zumi - By: Reina Kimeu
Maxine Wabosha Shows Us How To Fix A Faux Bun In Just 3 Minutes - ZUMI

Dont you just love Maxine Wabosha's faux bun? ...

Category: magazine zumi women hair
2 days ago, 01:31
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Christine Bucher
8 Chic and Comfy Sweatpants You'll Want to Live In

Sweatpants used to be pretty awful—something you wore when you cared about comfort, not style. But those days? Long gone. No longer sad and slouchy, sweatpants are now versatile and stylish enough to ...

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2 days ago, 01:04
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Jessica Migala
The 7 Most Adorable Celebrity Proposals In 2017

It was a big year for romantic bliss. Some of our favorite celebs are set to get hitched, including Kaley Cuoco and Mandy Moore. And while they may be flashing their gorgeous rings everywhere, collect ...

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2 days ago, 00:57
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Aline Peres Martin ...
The Best Last-Minute Holiday Deals And Sales

Quit procrastinating. You need to get those gifts for your loved ones stat. Today is National Free Ship day (who knew?), which is great, but which also means that after today, many retailers will stop ...

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2 days ago, 00:48
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Lambeth Hochwald F ...
'I've Been Married 20+ Years—Here's How I Keep Things Hot In The Bedroom'

When you first got together, sex might have been hot, heavy, and frequent. But after being married for a while? Probably not so much. It's a clichéd truth that sex tends to happen less often and becom ...

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2 days ago, 18:12
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Korin Miller
The Ketogenic Diet Might Burn 10 Times More Fat Than The Standard American Diet

Many people who follow the ketogenic diet (a.k.a.

Category: magazine women women's_weight_loss weight_loss
2 days ago, 17:01
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Rachael Schultz
This Pushup Variation Will Give You Better Results—And A Bigger Calorie Burn

Check out Women's Health's Fitness Faceoff every week to learn which moves will best help you reach your fit goals.

Category: magazine women women_fitness fitness
2 days ago, 17:19
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Sarah Watts
People On Reddit Are Buzzing About This Weight-Loss Tool—But Is It Safe?

On Amazon, a simple search of “food scales” yields hundreds of results; on Reddit, it's hard to find dieters who aren't singing the scale's praises.

Category: magazine women women's_weight_loss weight_loss
2 days ago, 16:43
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Tanisha Shanee As ...
'I Lost Over 100 Pounds In A Year Once I Made These Small Changes'

I would go on a diet, but never learned how to make it an every day lifestyle.

Category: magazine women women's_weight_loss weight_loss
3 days ago, 09:45
@Zumi - By: Angela Mulehi
Rihanna Beats Even The Duchess Of Cambridge To Be Named Most Powerful Celeb Influencer Of 2017 - ZUMI

Whatever she touches turns to sold as she has managed to drive crazy sales for a lot of fashion brands.

Category: magazine zumi women living
5 days ago, 12:56
@Zumi - By: Ru Orimba
Sauti Sol's Savara Holding A Baby Will Make Your Ovaries Ache - ZUMI

There is… Celebrity stylist Annabelle Onyango just posted a picture of Sauti Sol’s Mudigi Savara and Bien holding her baby and we can’t handle the cuteness.

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5 days ago, 11:46
@Zumi - By: Faiza Hemed
Wizkid Is Crying In A Corner After Drake Posted This Photo, Here's Why - ZUMI

We can’t wait for the collab, we all know Tekno is extra.

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5 days ago, 11:46
@Zumi - By: Faiza Hemed
"There Is No Rich Man Who Would Ever Make A Woman Rich" - Akothee Warns Young Women - ZUMI

However, she does not hesitate to advise young women out here regarding how they ought to be treated by men.

Category: magazine zumi women celebrity
1 days ago, 19:11
@TheEastAfrican - By: Jean-pierre Afadh ...
A unique Christmas getaway in Rwanda

For those in the region and beyond seeking something different this season, Rwanda is the perfect holiday destination.

Category: topnews news magazine
20 hours ago, 20:16
@Zumi - By: Faiza Hemed
Kevin Hart Pulls A Jay-Z & Talks About What He Learned From Cheating On His Wife - ZUMI

Show us how many men have taken their women back after they cheated and we'll give you millions of cash because men do not stand this kind of betrayal, ...

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