1 weeks ago, 15:25
@SDENews - By: Sde
Betty Kyallo pins comedian Jalang’o, gives him a run for his money

Jalang’o had paid a visit to Betty at her salon, Flair by Betty. ...

Category: entertainment enews
1 weeks ago, 13:00
@NairobiNews - By: Mwende Kasujja
Why Rapper Prezzo broke up with Tanzanian girlfriend Amber Lulu - VIDEO - Nairobi News

Kenyan rapper Prezzo has broken up with his Tanzanian musician Amber Lulu. ...

Category: entertainment
1 weeks ago, 12:56
@SDENews - By: Offside
Locals furious after Western politician vanishes with Sh100, 000

“It is embarrassing for a whole legislator to lie, ...

Category: entertainment pulse
1 weeks ago, 10:43
@SDENews - By: Esther Muchene
Who is richer? Huddah goes for Vera Sidika’s neck for buying a 2015 Range Rover

She had to rub it in on how much better her Land Cruiser is ...

Category: entertainment enews pulse
1 weeks ago, 09:02
@SDENews - By: Pkemoi Ng'enoh
Woman arrested after scalding co-wife with hot soup in Embakasi

The soup landed on the face of the co-wife leaving her in pain ...

Category: entertainment enews
1 weeks ago, 18:30
@NairobiNews - By: Mwende Kasujja
Why Kenyans want Vivian to change name of new hit to Mercury - Nairobi News

Cheeky fans have urged Kenyan singer Vivian to consider changing the title of her new song from Sugar to Mercury. Vivian, who released the song a few weeks ago, asked her fans on Instagram to vote on ...

Category: entertainment news
1 weeks ago, 14:53
@SDENews - By: Smitta Smitten
10 ways on how to talk in a Russian World Cup bar

But when in Russia, drink like the Russki rascals drink. ...

Category: entertainment pulse enews
1 weeks ago, 13:51
@Zumi - By: Diana Machira
3 Times Vera Sidika And Otile Brown Served Major Couple Style Goals! - ZUMI

Ladies, it's about that time to serve major couple style goals and we have just the power couple for you! Do you love their style as much as we do? ...

Category: magazine zumi women fashion
1 weeks ago, 07:01
@SDENews - By: Kelvin Kamau
I’m a hustler, not Ruto’s bodyguard: Man who sold DP mahindi choma

After selling mahindi choma to DP for Sh2, 000, Joseph is now appealing for financial support to start a video library ...

Category: entertainment pulse
1 weeks ago, 15:31
@SDENews - By: Mirror
Gang of poachers eaten by lions moemnts after entering game reserve

They came heavily armed with hunting rifles and axes ...

Category: entertainment pulse


3 days ago, 15:58
@SDENews - By: Sde
IT consultant wins brand new Subaru Impreza worth Sh3.5 million

I used to drink with my buddies and scratch the code each time ...

Category: entertainment enews pulse
3 days ago, 09:16
@SDENews - By: Powerplay
Drama as enraged wife smashes MP’s car after domestic spat

But the politician’s friends say the woman is just full of drama ...

Category: entertainment enews
3 days ago, 08:30
@NairobiNews - By: Chad Kitundu
Otile Brown pulls down holiday photo with Vera Sidika - Nairobi News

Musician Otile Brown has pulled down a photo of himself with his girlfriend Vera Sidika on holiday in Mauritius after it was manipulated to portray the socialite in bad light. Otile had posted a photo ...

Category: entertainment
4 days ago, 14:25
@SDENews - By: Esther Muchene
Mark Masai opens up, says he is in no rush to have kids

“We are still learning the ropes of marriage,’’ said Masai ...

Category: entertainment pulse enews
4 days ago, 14:21
@Zumi - By: Nyawira Mumenya
3 Times Hair Blogger Natalie Tewa Gave Us Beach Vacation FOMO

It's no rumor that right now we need the sun, most of can't handle the dreadful cold right now. Recently, hair blogger, Natalie Tewa went on vacation and we are still feeling FOMO ...

Category: magazine zumi women fashion
4 days ago, 10:37
@NairobiNews - By: Thomas Matiko
Home wrecker! Ray C hammers Hamisa Mobetto over Diamond - Nairobi News

Bongo flava artiste Ray C has criticised Tanzanian model and video vixen Hamisa Mobetto, calling her a home wrecker. ...

Category: news entertainment
4 days ago, 07:31
@SDENews - By: Boniface Mwangi
Kids learn to burn schools from parents- Boniface Mwangi

The students know that no one got jailed for visiting murder, rape and destruction of poverty against fellow citizens ...

Category: entertainment enews
5 days ago, 15:37
@NairobiNews - By: Thomas Matiko
Jaguar 'hospitalised after battling city askaris in Marikiti' - Nairobi News

Starehe MP Charles Njagua, alias Jaguar, claims he has been hospitalized after picking a fight with Nairobi City Council officers. ...

Category: entertainment
5 days ago, 14:43
@NairobiNews - By: Evelyne Musambi
Dennis Okari talks about his daughter Ivanna - Nairobi News

NTV’s Dennis Okari is set to join the television station's news anchoring team starting next week. ...

Category: news entertainment
5 days ago, 14:11
@SDENews - By: Sde
PHOTOS: Swahili news anchor Bonnie Musambi surprises wife with sleek car on birthday

The couple, who have been an item since 2012 ...

Category: entertainment enews pulse
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