18 hours ago, 14:51
@BusinessDaily - By: James Ngunjiri
Kirinyaga eyes increased coffee cash in processing

Sub-sector has been through many a rough patch despite numerous revival efforts. ...

Category: business news lifestyle economy opinion markets corporate
18 hours ago, 14:44
@BusinessDaily - By: Editorial
EDITORIAL: Heed Bitcoin warning

According to Citi, Kenyans’ Bitcoin holdings of more than Sh163 billion rank as one of the highest across the world at 2.3 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product. ...

Category: business news economy opinion markets corporate lifestyle
18 hours ago, 14:44
@BusinessDaily - By: Editorial
EDITORIAL: Maize cartels ripping off taxpayers, consumers

Why should maize produced in southern Africa and transported all the way to Nairobi cost less than the local produce? ...

Category: business news corporate lifestyle economy opinion markets
19 hours ago, 14:22
@BusinessDaily - By: Reuters
Oil hovers below $70 highs, clouded by rise in US output

Growing signs of a tightening market after a three-year rout have bolstered confidence among traders and analysts ...

Category: business news corporate lifestyle economy opinion markets
20 hours ago, 12:39
@BusinessDaily - By: Mathias Ringa
Tourism bets on direct US flights to lift the numbers

All eyes on the American access status and who stands to reap the most. ...

Category: business news corporate lifestyle opinion markets economy
21 hours ago, 12:10
@NairobiNews - By: Collins Omulo
Leaked phone call reveals Sonko-Igathe final conversation - Nairobi News

A leaked audio of the last call between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his deputy Polycarp Igathe reveals two individuals relating well. ...

Category: news lifestyle
22 hours ago, 11:34
@BusinessDaily - By: Hudheifa Aden
Cotu threatens labour unrest over fuel price hike - VIDEO

Workers' lobby says recent price increases will erode poor consumers' purchasing power ...

Category: business opinion news corporate lifestyle economy markets
22 hours ago, 11:34
@BusinessDaily - By: The Citizen
Airtel 'keen' to end row with TZ govt

The Indian investor says it’s committed to the Tanzanian market ...

Category: business opinion topnews news corporate lifestyle economy markets
22 hours ago, 11:12
@DailyNation - By: Angela Oketch
Suffering in silence: 8 embarrassing health problems

Convincing a patient with an embarrassing health problem to see a doctor is no easy matter. ...

Category: topnews news lifestyle
22 hours ago, 10:46
@BusinessDaily - By: Ndung’u Gachane
Drama as rivalry rages at Murang’a water company

Police say a court order restrains all officers affiliated to Governor Wa Iria from the premises. ...

Category: business news economy markets corporate lifestyle opinion


1 days ago, 11:01
@SDENews - By: Jacqueline Mahugu
The untold life story of Former Deputy Chief Justice Kalpana Rawal

I have a reputation for always getting straight to the point ...

Category: entertainment enews
1 days ago, 10:28
@SDENews - By: Crazy Monday Repor ...
Self-exiled Nakuru man returns home, finds wife sired child with his brother

After rumours that he had remarried reached his wife, she started fooling around with two of his brothers ...

Category: entertainment enews
1 days ago, 09:59
16 hours ago, 17:12
@NairobiNews - By: Naira Habib
Vera Sidika reveals identity of 'new man' in her life - Nairobi News

Socialite Vera Sidika appears to have made a grand comeback into the dating scene following a nasty break up with her Nigerian ex-boyfriend Yomi. ...

Category: news entertainment
21 hours ago, 12:00
@SDENews - By: Sde
PHOTO: Mother-in-Law actor 'Ninja' ties the knot in lavish wedding

Jeff 'Ninja' Okello tied the knot with his Finnish fiancé Atja Maria Huhta ...

Category: entertainment enews topnews news pulse
22 hours ago, 11:36
@SDENews - By: Mirror
Passenger plane skids off runway and down side of cliff stopping just feet from the sea

Dramatic photographs show the plane lying nose down stuck on the frozen muddy slope ...

Category: entertainment enews pulse
23 hours ago, 10:25
@SDENews - By: Nikko Tanui
Kericho man jailed for life for defiling his five year old sister

He pleaded guilty to “intentionally causing penile penetration” ...

Category: entertainment enews pulse
23 hours ago, 10:25
@SDENews - By: Crazy Monday Team
Cold war in the bedroom: Hilarious tactics Kenyan couples use to settle scores

Angry at her husband, she slapped the plate of food on the table and went to bed ...

Category: entertainment enews pulse topnews news
1 day ago, 08:47
@SDENews - By: Cyrus Ombati
Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro’s bodyguard shot in deadly night raid

He was driving into his homestead when he was confronted by two gunmen ...

Category: entertainment enews
1 day ago, 08:24
@SDENews - By: Philip Orwa
Drama at Migori funeral as mother of deceased is blocked from attending burial

Charles was bitter, claiming the woman deserted him and their daughter and saw no need of entertaining her ...

Category: entertainment enews pulse
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